New in 2019! Summer Spartan Day Camp Teen
For Campers going into grades 7-9

Trip Calendar and Daily Trip Fee

Our Mission
Spartan Day Camp’s Teen program offers teens a fun and safe way to fill their summer. Spartan Day Camp will offer the tools for your teen to gain independence, try new things and meet new people. We will offer a wide range of adventures from hiking at Devils Lake State Park to cruising down water slides at Noah’s Ark. Your teen can sign up for one or all of our many adventures.

The cost for Spartan Day Camp Teen is $45 a day PLUS the cost of the trip. Teens are allowed to bring spending money for lunches, snacks and souvenirs.

We will be limiting this program to 14 teens per trip. However, we must have a minimum of 6 teens per day to run the daily trip.  We will give your teen the freedom to go out and explore in small groups. There will be required check in times throughout the day and at lunch. If a teen misses the required check in or are late they get to spend the rest of the day with the counselor.  For this reason we want the teens to bring their cell phones, to be able to communicate with the counselor. 

·Please note that when hiking we will all hike and explore as a group, after lunch will be independent exploration with boundaries.

 Drop Off/ Pick Up
Teens may be dropped off at SDC anytime before the trip. They may also stay after the excursion and hang out with the younger campers. If your teen needs transportation, just let us know. We’ll be more than happy pick up and drop off teens. Rides will need to be arranged ahead of time. We have also planned the schedule/ trips to work with the first 2 sessions of McFarland summer school.